24th Jun 2014

Great Barracuda

The Great Barracuda is an intriguing silvery fish which can be curious with scuba divers but will rarely stay close if approached under water. This fish is often seen alone...

12th Feb 2014


As part of the Boxfish family, the Balloonfish is also called a Spiny Puffer Fish or Porcupinefish. These fish are prevalent in the waters of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico,...

16th Oct 2013

Bearded Fireworm

The Bearded Fireworm is commonly found in the waters of Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. These worms inhabit the crevices, rocks and rubble of the reef but can also...

13th Sep 2013

Common Octopus

The Common Octopus is typically a shy creature who resides in crevices or cavities in the coral reefs or in areas of sand or rubble on the ocean floor. The...

05th Aug 2013

Sea Anemone

The Sea Anemone is a fascinating species in the order known as Actiniaria. Anemones are commonly found in the Caribbean, Bahamas, South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. They inhabit ocean...

31st Jul 2013

Tiger Grouper

The Tiger Grouper is named for the distinctive “tiger-stripe” bars on its body, and this species commonly inhabits the reefs and walls of the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, southern Gulf of...

07th Jul 2013
Eagle Ray at Hilma Hooker

Spotted Eagle Ray

The Spotted Eagle Ray is a majestic, yet shy creature which is commonly found in the waters of Bermuda, Florida, the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. These rays are...

07th Jul 2013
Lionfish at night


Although captivating and unusual, the Lionfish is a rapacious and greedy feeder which can consume native fish and crustaceans up to several times its body weight each day. Compound this...