13th May 2016

From our Photographer’s Angle: Sweet Dreams Is Sweet Diving in Bonaire

Sweet Dreams dive site is #59 on the Official Bonaire Dive Site Map.  This is an advanced dive due to the possibility of strong currents and waves. Located near the...

10th Jan 2014

An Underwater Sound Not Soon Forgotten

Clunk. Clunk. Click clank. Clunk. As scuba divers well know, sound travels about four times as fast underwater than it does in air, so it’s always fascinating to hear unfamiliar...

07th Jul 2013
Diver swimming over Hilma Hooker

Just A Shipwreck Dive Named Hilma Hooker

With a name like Hilma Hooker and a history just as intriguing, it’s hard not to pass up this popular wreck dive in the Caribbean Sea. Located about 100 feet...

29th May 2013
Cozumel diver & turtle

Drinking, Diving and Devil’s Throat

Believe it or not, there are scuba divers who think it’s amusing to be completely hung over, gear up for an advanced dive and live to tell about it! Such...

05th May 2013

An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild

Hey, this blog is G-rated, so if you’re expecting to see naked senior citizens skinny dipping at night, you won’t find that here. However, this is exactly what we encountered...