28th Jan 2014

Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

What do you get when you combine rowdy swells and a large group of new Open Water scuba divers out for their first certifying dive in stormy conditions? Fish food!...

21st Aug 2013

Vandalized While Night Diving

Scuba diving at night can be exhilarating yet truly relaxing, but this night dive assumed a different demeanor after we discovered our vehicle had been vandalized while we were underwater....

17th Jul 2013
Palancar scuba divers

Cozumel Current and Contraband

It was a beautiful morning in Cozumel, with optimal diving conditions: winds were mild, sun was shining bright, and visibility was about 80 to 90 feet. Our first destination of...

29th May 2013
Cozumel diver & turtle

Drinking, Diving and Devil’s Throat

Believe it or not, there are scuba divers who think it’s amusing to be completely hung over, gear up for an advanced dive and live to tell about it! Such...

05th May 2013

An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild

Hey, this blog is G-rated, so if you’re expecting to see naked senior citizens skinny dipping at night, you won’t find that here. However, this is exactly what we encountered...

23rd Apr 2013
Scuba diver from below

A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It was lobster season in Catalina Island, and our dive group was excited as we boarded what our dive operator boasted was a large, comfortable dive boat. We immediately noticed...

17th Apr 2013
large tarpon and cleaner fish

It’s Really Possible to Scream in Your Regulator!

It was just before dark as we geared up for a night dive. Bari Reef in Bonaire is known for over 300 species of fish and marine life, and we...

16th Apr 2013
Cozumel Swim-Through

Drift Dive Turned Bloody Dive

Cozumel, Mexico, is known for drift diving with vibrant reefs, sea life, and a variety of dive sites featuring sheer walls, underwater cliffs, and a labyrinth of coral swim-throughs, with...