The frogfish is a very unique, distinct creature of the anglerfish species. They are true masters of disguise and almost do not resemble a fish at all with their strangely shaped pectoral fins, which look more like legs than fins. They patiently wait for prey, completely motionless and totally camouflaged in their environment. Frogfish don’t move much, but they can be seen “walking” or crawling slowly along crevices in the reef as they position themselves to feed.

The frogfish has a “lure” atop its head, which is an actual extension of its dorsal spine, with “bait” at the tip of this attraction that looks like a small shrimp, worm or fish perhaps. The unsuspecting prey is attracted to the “bait” and the frogfish pounces suddenly, engulfing the easy meal with lightening-fast accuracy.

Yellow Frogfish in BonaireFun Fact

We learned that this particular yellow frogfish had been sighted at about 75 feet deep a certain distance away from a particular underwater reef cropping at the house reef of a small inn on Bonaire. We obtained permission to dive here, along with instructions on the frogfish’s location from the dive instructor on site, and off we went.

It actually took us three dives to find the frogfish, as he was so well camouflaged, but my buddy was able to capture this great photo so our search was indeed rewarded.

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