Great Barracuda

The Great Barracuda is an intriguing silvery fish which can be curious with scuba divers but will rarely stay close if approached under water. This fish is often seen alone but will sometimes be found swimming in small groups, especially during mating season.

Its sharp fang-like teeth can give the barracuda a scary appearance, and this fish can change the color and pattern of its body when threatened.

Fun Fact

This large, almost 6-foot Great Barracuda approached us on a dive one morning in St. Croix at about 65 feet deep, seemingly quite attracted to my dive buddy’s silver D-ring, which was secured to the crotch strap attached to his BC. Surprised that this fish continued to stay close to us while we were enjoying a dive along the reef, we observed this guy to dart in on occasion, inspecting my buddy’s D-ring when it would shine in the bright sunlight and sparkled under water.

Due to the precarious location of my buddy’s D-ring on his crotch strap, we kept a close eye on this barracuda, who followed us for more than 10 minutes during our dive! After numerous movements we made to wave him away, he finally lost interest in the D-ring but kept within sight of us during most of our dive.

Great Barracuda

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