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Chris Lubba has enjoyed water sports and activities his entire life as he grew up in Southern California. Today Chris is a Divemaster, US Coast Guard Boat Captain, Harbor Patrol Officer and Fireman, just for starters. He is also an active member of the renowned Redondo Beach Fire Department Dive and Rescue Team since 1996.

Chris has logged thousands of dives while scuba diving all around the world, and he is an ocean advocate, always instructing and guiding others while committed to protecting the waters around him. When Chris is not underwater, you will find this busy entrepreneur running the California office of Palau Dive Adventures, which he launched in 2010 with his business partner and dive guide, Jason Maluchluw.

To keep up with Chris, you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or at Palau Dive Adventures.

Chris Lubba

Chris, how long have you been scuba diving?

I’ve been diving since 1996.

What are your current scuba certifications?

I am a Divemaster.

Describe your most memorable dive.

The first time diving in Palau and seeing how clear the water was. It was like doing a space walk!

Where would you most like to dive (where you have not been yet)?

The Galapagos Islands or Tubbatha Reef in the Philippines.

What is your favorite piece of dive gear or gadget?

My dive computer.

What is the latest dive gear you have purchased?

A dive computer.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not diving?

I enjoy swimming, surfing, paddling, or anything that can be done in the water.

What is something that people may find surprising about you?

I used to have long blond hair!

Tell us about what you do for a living.

As co-owner of Palau Dive Adventures, I ensure our guests to Palau have a great time!

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