Meet Harvey Monroe

Although good scuba diving instructors abound, the really great teachers not only instruct their students, but they truly prepare them for real-life situations and instill in them the kind of passion they have for diving … and for life. Harvey Monroe is one such diving instructor.

One of Harvey’s new students put it this way after returning from her first open water dive trip to Fiji: “All of my fears and reservations were for naught… It is very apropos that your name is on our dive cards because, really, you will always be remembered as our teacher! Thank you, thank you!”

This successful businessman is fluent in Spanish and has traveled the world to scuba dive some of the most incredible dive sites around. When he’s not underwater, if he’s not working as an architect and builder, you will find Harvey spending time with his family, coaching and/or refereeing soccer, or instructing students how to ski; helping others is simply a way of life for him.

Scuba Students in PoolHarvey & Mel

Harvey, how long have you been scuba diving?

Since 1970.

What are your current scuba certifications? 

I’m an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor, Scuba Ranger Instructor, and Technical Diver, etc.

Describe your most memorable dive.

There have been so many: French Polynesia with sharks, Easter Island for exotic, Hawaii for manta dives, North Carolina for wrecks and sharks, Sea of Cortez with sea lions, and multiple Caribbean locations to include Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Cuba, Cayman Islands, and Bonaire, etc.

Where would you most like to dive that you have not been yet?

Cocos off Costa Rica, Indonesia, Galapagos, Fiji, Truk, Philippines, etc.

What is your favorite piece of dive gear or gadget?

My cameras.

What is the latest dive gear you have purchased? 

I plan on purchasing another housing for my new video camera.

What do you enjoy doing while not diving? 

Skiing in winter, soccer all the time, and outdoor activities year round.

What is something that people may find surprising about you?

I don’t know; you’ll probably need to ask them. I have, however, recently received my instructor badge for certifying my 300th scuba diving student.

Tell us about what you do for a living.

It depends of day of the week. I’m an architect, builder, scuba diving instructor, soccer coach and referee, and ski Instructor.

Scuba diver & instructorHarvey at Blue HoleHarvey Monroe

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