Meet Kevin Eddy

Diving Devil's Ear at Ginny SpringsKevin Eddy is an Advanced Open Water Instructor, Stress Rescue Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, SSI Extended Range Instructor and Tech Extended Range Instructor. He is also Cavern Certified and holds multiple other specialty certifications within his diving instructor portfolio.

When he’s not underwater, you will find this savvy entrepreneur and businessman running his remodeling contractor enterprise, Ready Eddy Remodeling. He is also a talented photographer who has taken some really unique and remarkable photographs, both above and below the surface. You can view much of his photography hereSmall Sand Tiger Shark


Kevin, how long have you been scuba diving?

I started diving in 1976 during a Naval stay in the Philippines. I did about six dives and came back to New Mexico to raise a family, etc. After seeing some scuba gear in a friend’s closet, the bug was reignited. I got recertified in 2001 and have been diving ever since.

What are your current scuba certifications? 

Advanced Open Water Instructor (including several specialties), Cavern and SSI Extended Range and Tech Extended Range Instructor.

Describe your most memorable dive.

Pyramid on San Clemente Island, CA. The beautiful sight of sun filtering down through the water into a “valley/bowl” underwater and tall kelp around the perimeter with a carpet of eelgrass, all gently waving in the surge. The darting Senorita fish, Garibaldi and other fish made for a magical dive!

Where would you most like to dive (where you have not been yet)? 

South Pacific, Truk Islands.

What is your favorite piece of dive gear or gadget?Kevin Eddy

My backplate and wing; these are wonderfully balanced and streamlined.

What is the latest dive gear you have purchased?

Another regulator, a Scubapro MK17/G250.

What do you enjoy doing while not diving? 

Photography and travel.

What is something that people may find surprising about you? 

My wife and I used to compete in Country/Western and Swing dancing.

Tell us about what you do for a living. 

I am a remodeling Contractor, specializing in kitchens, and baths, etc.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the dive community?

I really enjoy wreck diving. Seeing a ship or something else below the water in a non-standard place brings out the “little boy” in me. Exploring that environment is enjoyable and fascinating. Watching the sea life making homes and taking over the structure reminds and humbles me that life is surely a passing thing to be enjoyed and savored!
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