An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator! A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild

There are some things after night diving that you just don’t need to see..

It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator!

An encounter with a really large tarpon out for dinner at night is both startling and breathtaking.

A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just because you possess a speargun, doesn’t mean you should use it!

Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

Don’t get too close to new Open Water divers in this boat on rough waters!

Here is the sea, great and wide, teeming with things innumerable, living creatures both small and great.   Psalms 104:25

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Lionfish at NightJoin us and discover various creatures, great and small, that we have encountered during our scuba diving adventures. Our Fun Fact about each critter depicts our personal experience with the featured reef life in each article.


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30th Sep 2013

Meet Eric Pasley

It’s not every day you get to discover the true real-life experiences of a full-time scuba diving instructor turned author, so we’d like you to meet Eric Pasley. Eric grew...

23rd Sep 2013

Five Ways You Can Make A Difference Where You Dive

Numerous books, articles, websites and organizations abound regarding protecting the environment, living a “greener” lifestyle, or preserving our natural resources, but it only takes one person at a time, each...

13th Sep 2013

Common Octopus

The Common Octopus is typically a shy creature who resides in crevices or cavities in the coral reefs or in areas of sand or rubble on the ocean floor. The...

02nd Sep 2013

Five Strategies to Discourage Theft While Shore Diving

One of the worst events that can ruin a wonderful shore dive is to come ashore and find that you have been vandalized while underwater. It’s unfortunate that thievery can...

21st Aug 2013

Vandalized While Night Diving

Scuba diving at night can be exhilarating yet truly relaxing, but this night dive assumed a different demeanor after we discovered our vehicle had been vandalized while we were underwater....

18th Aug 2013

Meet Harvey Monroe

Although good scuba diving instructors abound, the really great teachers not only instruct their students, but they truly prepare them for real-life situations and instill in them the kind of...

05th Aug 2013

Sea Anemone

The Sea Anemone is a fascinating species in the order known as Actiniaria. Anemones are commonly found in the Caribbean, Bahamas, South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. They inhabit ocean...

31st Jul 2013

Tiger Grouper

The Tiger Grouper is named for the distinctive “tiger-stripe” bars on its body, and this species commonly inhabits the reefs and walls of the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda, southern Gulf of...