An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator! A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild

There are some things after night diving that you just don’t need to see..

It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator!

An encounter with a really large tarpon out for dinner at night is both startling and breathtaking.

A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just because you possess a speargun, doesn’t mean you should use it!

Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

Don’t get too close to new Open Water divers in this boat on rough waters!

Here is the sea, great and wide, teeming with things innumerable, living creatures both small and great.   Psalms 104:25

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Fish underwaterIf you enjoy the beautiful photos on this blog, please visit Ken Schneider Photography. Ken is a remarkably talented underwater, commercial and portrait photographer who has taken most of the pictures for this blog.  


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Lionfish at NightJoin us and discover various creatures, great and small, that we have encountered during our scuba diving adventures. Our Fun Fact about each critter depicts our personal experience with the featured reef life in each article.


Meet our Support Divers

Scuba Diver UnderwaterWe'd like to introduce you here to our Support Divers, fantastic individuals we are honored to know and just happen to love scuba diving as much as we do. We encourage you to visit their websites, businesses and social networking sites.

21st Jul 2013
Michelle Pugh

Meet Michelle Pugh

If you’re intrigued to meet a scuba diver who has been diving since the age of 16, was the first woman diver in 1978 to film wild killer whales (orcas)...

17th Jul 2013
Palancar scuba divers

Cozumel Current and Contraband

It was a beautiful morning in Cozumel, with optimal diving conditions: winds were mild, sun was shining bright, and visibility was about 80 to 90 feet. Our first destination of...

07th Jul 2013
Eagle Ray at Hilma Hooker

Spotted Eagle Ray

The Spotted Eagle Ray is a majestic, yet shy creature which is commonly found in the waters of Bermuda, Florida, the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. These rays are...

07th Jul 2013
Diver swimming over Hilma Hooker

Just A Shipwreck Dive Named Hilma Hooker

With a name like Hilma Hooker and a history just as intriguing, it’s hard not to pass up this popular wreck dive in the Caribbean Sea. Located about 100 feet...

07th Jul 2013
Lionfish at night


Although captivating and unusual, the Lionfish is a rapacious and greedy feeder which can consume native fish and crustaceans up to several times its body weight each day. Compound this...

26th Jun 2013
Chris Lubba

Meet Chris Lubba

Chris Lubba has enjoyed water sports and activities his entire life as he grew up in Southern California. Today Chris is a Divemaster, US Coast Guard Boat Captain, Harbor Patrol...

24th Jun 2013
Boat from shore

Ten Non-diving Activities To Do on a Scuba Diving Trip

If you’re looking for some cool things to do for the non-diving companions who may accompany you on your next dive trip, here are some ideas to get you started....

24th Jun 2013
Casino Point

How To Enjoy Your Dive Trips with Non-diving Companions

For those who love to scuba dive but must share dive trips/vacations with a non-diving partner, friend, relatives, or travel companions, it is quite possible for everyone to enjoy their...