An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator! A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

An Uncommon Encounter with Geriatrics Gone Wild

There are some things after night diving that you just don’t need to see..

It Really Is Possible to Scream Underwater in Your Regulator!

An encounter with a really large tarpon out for dinner at night is both startling and breathtaking.

A Thong and a Speargun: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Just because you possess a speargun, doesn’t mean you should use it!

Vertical and Vomiting – Boat Diving in Rough Seas

Don’t get too close to new Open Water divers in this boat on rough waters!

Here is the sea, great and wide, teeming with things innumerable, living creatures both small and great.   Psalms 104:25

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Lionfish at NightJoin us and discover various creatures, great and small, that we have encountered during our scuba diving adventures. Our Fun Fact about each critter depicts our personal experience with the featured reef life in each article.


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12th Jun 2013
James Williams

Meet James Williams

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to scuba dive in an overhead environment, maintain your composure in any type of dive situation, and dive in locations few scuba divers...

12th Jun 2013
Frogfish in Bonaire


The frogfish is a very unique, distinct creature of the anglerfish species. They are true masters of disguise and almost do not resemble a fish at all with their strangely...

11th Jun 2013
2013 Scuba Show

Highlights from the 2013 Scuba Show

If you could not scuba dive over the weekend, what is the next best thing to doing so? Attending the 2013 Scuba Show in Long Beach, California of course! The...

05th Jun 2013
Kevin Eddy

Meet Kevin Eddy

Kevin Eddy is an Advanced Open Water Instructor, Stress Rescue Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, SSI Extended Range Instructor and Tech Extended Range Instructor. He is also Cavern Certified and holds multiple...

04th Jun 2013
Scuba Dive Bags

How To Pack Your Dive Gear in One Bag for Travel

You’re excited to depart on your next dive trip, and you’ve decided to pack your own scuba gear. So, how do you take everything you need in one checked bag?...

29th May 2013
Cozumel diver & turtle

Drinking, Diving and Devil’s Throat

Believe it or not, there are scuba divers who think it’s amusing to be completely hung over, gear up for an advanced dive and live to tell about it! Such...

20th May 2013
On the Surface

Three Good Books to Read This Summer About Scuba Diving

Planning a dive trip this summer? Going somewhere different? You’ll want to take along a good book, or two, or three – which you can easily do now if you...

14th May 2013
Divemaster Dennis Jacobson

Meet Dennis Jacobson

Dennis Jacobson is a PADI Divemaster and Discover Scuba Dive Leader, an accomplished trial lawyer, professor, writer, and author. Also known as Divemaster Dennis, he is extremely active in the...