Description and Features

The Smooth Trunkfish is commonly found in the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas, Florida and Gulf of Mexico. They typically swim above the reef and over the sandy ocean floor. They are more solitary by nature but will sometimes swim in small groups. 

The Trunkfish is the only member of the Boxfish family without a spine, and their tiny post-larval juveniles are only about the size of a pea, darting about the reef.

Fun Fact

The Smooth Trunkfish is probably my favorite fish in the ocean as they are so cute to watch and stay very busy going about their business on the reef, blowing water out their tiny mouths to expose prey such as small mollusks and worms. They simply never stop moving!

This precious fish kept an eye on us as we swam slowly around him to get pictures and cooperated fairly well being photographed as long as we did not get too close.